A year later and Jessica is STILL showing off her abs!

A year later and Jessica is STILL showing off her abs!

Is it possible to Improve Stretch Marks & get defined ABS, even after having 3 children, including TWINS?

Yes, yes it is!ae5c62e0-12f0-4bb9-95f3-c0d026093c76

Thanks to Bikini Body University, Jessica not only lost the baby weight, earned an impressive washboard stomach, but also, over an entire year, stayed within a 3 pound range, AND showed off her post holiday abs!

BBU focuses on teaching you how to eat, a tool that helped Jessica from gaining the dreaded winter weight. “The program teaches intuitive eating so I never feel like I am on a diet.

This is a lifestyle I have embraced. I enjoy all the foods in the BBU recipe manual and even some that aren’t, but now I know how to eat, treat, and move on.” 

Jessica’s health has always been an important focus for her and her family. She suffered from complications during pregnancy and on-going thyroid issues. 022c2eae-aed5-4361-aa1e-33f7d8f55a5f“The BBU program has helped me to normalize my thyroid and blood count problems. I actually feel healthy now!”

Early progress in the BBU program kept Jessica motivated to keep setting and reaching new goals.  Her reaction a few months into the program was sheer excitement.  “I can’t believe my stretch marks are almost gone and I actually have a waist!” she said.  “I thought I was straight up and down!”  A year later, she is still amazed how she was able to transform her body.  “It’s so possible!  I’ve had twins and never even had abs before.  Ever.  This program works!!” she shared with her BBU teammates.

No hours of cardio or in the gym.

No starvation diets.

Thanks to BBU, Jessica fits in the workouts on her schedule while her 3 kids are napping.  Just 10-30 minutes, a pair of dumbbells, a stability ball, and a resistance band was all she needed to tighten and tone her body.  Strength training also didn’t make her “look manly” either – just check out that sexy black dress!3ab85d33-ef67-4785-b2b8-28f59933b4c7

Bikini Body University has not only helped Jessica get the body and health she was hoping for, but the at-home workouts also helped her perform on the road!  Running a few times a week combined with the HIIT style workouts helped her shave 10 minutes off her 5K time!

A year later, Jessica still has ripped abs, lean legs (which she said she’s never had before!), still a busy mother of three, and still kicking butt!

“I love the workouts, the supportive members, and all the knowledge I have gained from the coaches. This is a program (and a family) I can stick with!”


Bikini Body University is proud to have a dedicated momma like Jessica as a member of our #fitfamily! She continues to live a healthy & happy life and loves to motivate others to do the same. “BBU is where it’s at! I think everyone should give it a try. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to be fit and healthy with BBU.”