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A year later and Jessica is STILL showing off her abs!

A year later and Jessica is STILL showing off her abs!

Is it possible to Improve Stretch Marks & get defined ABS, even after having 3 children, including TWINS?

Yes, yes it is!ae5c62e0-12f0-4bb9-95f3-c0d026093c76

Thanks to Bikini Body University, Jessica not only lost the baby weight, earned an impressive washboard stomach, but also, over an entire year, stayed within a 3 pound range, AND showed off her post holiday abs!

BBU focuses on teaching you how to eat, a tool that helped Jessica from gaining the dreaded winter weight. “The program teaches intuitive eating so I never feel like I am on a diet.

This is a lifestyle I have embraced. I enjoy all the foods in the BBU recipe manual and even some that aren’t, but now I know how to eat, treat, and move on.” 

Jessica’s health has always been an important focus for her and her family. She suffered from complications during pregnancy and on-going thyroid issues. 022c2eae-aed5-4361-aa1e-33f7d8f55a5f“The BBU program has helped me to normalize my thyroid and blood count problems. I actually feel healthy now!”

Early progress in the BBU program kept Jessica motivated to keep setting and reaching new goals.  Her reaction a few months into the program was sheer excitement.  “I can’t believe my stretch marks are almost gone and I actually have a waist!” she said.  “I thought I was straight up and down!”  A year later, she is still amazed how she was able to transform her body.  “It’s so possible!  I’ve had twins and never even had abs before.  Ever.  This program works!!” she shared with her BBU teammates.

No hours of cardio or in the gym.

No starvation diets.

Thanks to BBU, Jessica fits in the workouts on her schedule while her 3 kids are napping.  Just 10-30 minutes, a pair of dumbbells, a stability ball, and a resistance band was all she needed to tighten and tone her body.  Strength training also didn’t make her “look manly” either – just check out that sexy black dress!3ab85d33-ef67-4785-b2b8-28f59933b4c7

Bikini Body University has not only helped Jessica get the body and health she was hoping for, but the at-home workouts also helped her perform on the road!  Running a few times a week combined with the HIIT style workouts helped her shave 10 minutes off her 5K time!

A year later, Jessica still has ripped abs, lean legs (which she said she’s never had before!), still a busy mother of three, and still kicking butt!

“I love the workouts, the supportive members, and all the knowledge I have gained from the coaches. This is a program (and a family) I can stick with!”


Bikini Body University is proud to have a dedicated momma like Jessica as a member of our #fitfamily! She continues to live a healthy & happy life and loves to motivate others to do the same. “BBU is where it’s at! I think everyone should give it a try. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to be fit and healthy with BBU.”



Meet Megan

Meet Megan

“Do as I say and not as I do.”

Ever heard that before?  From a parent, teacher, mentor, ever said it yourself?  It’s easy to tell others how to become better, healthier versions of themselves: Get enough sleep, don’t stress, exercise regularly, choose healthy foods.  We can talk the talk, but do we ourselves walk the walk?

Megan, mother to 4 children (15, 13, 9, 5 ) and a fitness instructor, had no problem getting in her workouts, staying physically fit, and encouraging her students to do the same.  What she struggled with was the eating portion and stress.  “I teach yoga, barre, and group fitness classes,” she says.  “But I had started eating poorly when my dad was diagnosed with cancer and that downward spiral continued for a year after he passed. I felt sluggish, depressed, and unattractive.  I was still teaching 7+ classes a week, but couldn’t seem to get out of my funk.”

Megan knew she needed something, but like many professionals, the idea of a trainer needing a trainer wase4af77de-2e60-4b83-811a-854a4228f2ad a tough pill to swallow.  “I hadn’t seriously considered joining a program because I was embarrassed that I ‘needed’ one,” says Megan. “I thought I should be able to figure this out on my own because of what I do.  Without any accountability and no deadline in mind I would just give up after a few days of logging food and eating ‘right’.”

Her competitive spirit triumphed her ego and at a spur of a moment decided to join the Online Super Hero Challenge.  Still self-conscious about anyone knowing she now had her own “coach,” Megan started the Bikini Body University program but didn’t tell anyone about it.  Could an online program make a difference for a veteran trainer??

“In two weeks I lost 9 pounds!” exclaims Megan.  No longer ashamed and seeing amazing results in such a short amount of time, Megan decided to let her students know about her new training program.  And the results kept on coming!

“In 6 weeks I lost 14 pounds, 15 inches and 2 dress sizes. I fit in clothes I haven’t been able to wear in almost 2 years.”

Shaking up her training, incorporating new workouts, and gaining a new sense of energy and confidence has helped Megan get out of the “funk” she was feeling.

“I have more energy, I kicked my sugar addiction, and feel stronger than ever.  I feel pretty again,” she says.

Megan attributes so much of her success to BBU’s approach to creating healthier women:

“Unlike other programs, this is a holistic approach.  The nutrition, exercise, accountability, and support are awesome.  We aren’t just told what not to eat and increase exercise; we are shown what to eat and how to make it, and what exercises to do and how to do them.  We are a group of women supporting each other and rooting each other on.  It is not just a means to an end, but a mind shift and a new way of doing life.  There is a real community feel and you want to do better and better to encourage the other women to do as well or better than you.”

Wow!!  What an amazing testament about how BBU can change not only the physical, but the mental and emotional, too!

Megan is a great example that even amazing coaches need coaches, too!  The support and guidance Megan gets through the BBU program is confidence, energy, and support she can pay forward to her own students! Megan is a BBU rockstar and loves to encourage and motivate the other members too.aed58f99-1e5a-4dca-8925-22d97c0d2d50

Congratulations Megan on improving your health & happiness! What a BONUS that she claimed 1st place in the BBU 6 Week Superhero Challenge too!

Not only did she WIN by improving the way she Looks and Feels, but she won over $600 in prizes: $250 Gap Options Gift Card, $150 Spa Gift Card, Michael Kors wristlet, Swarvoski crystal bracelet, and Bikini Body University tank!

You can say winner winner chicken dinner, but Megan said she’ll go for her new favorite dish from our recipe manual, Grilled Shrimp Saute’:)  Her family loves the tasty recipes and the renewed energy in her wife and motherly roles too. We are very proud of you Megan. Way to go!!!


Post Holiday Abs?

Post Holiday Abs?

Meet Keely


Question: How does a busy, working mom juggle “me time,” a baby, and a high ranking position at work with a husband who currently lives 2400 miles away?

Answer: Bikini Body University workouts at home, on her own time, with the benefit of using her son as a workout partner and stand-in weight ☺

Before becoming a supermom, Keely was running marathons, in the gym lifting three to four times a week, kicking butt at work and getting promoted. After she became pregnant however, a complication resulted in bed rest and a five-pound lifting restriction for the duration of her pregnancy. “Shamefully, I gained a significant amount of weight, undoing all the hard work and muscle building,” she says. Luckily, after giving birth, she jumped right back into work and a busy life style. Like many new moms, Keely wasn’t used to her post-baby body and desired to get back to her pre-pregnancy body. “I struggled to look in the mirror and found myself very unhappy with my appearance,” says Keely. “I didn’t feel comfortable in my dress clothes and knew I needed a change.

With a new promotion, a new baby, and a husband thousands of miles away, Keely knew daily trips to the gym weren’t in the cards. She needed something quick, efficient, and most importantly: at home. She knew she could get great results by going to a gym, but she was skeptical if she could get those same results working out at home. “I knew how hard I had to work at the gym pre-baby and wasn’t sure if an at home program would cut it,” she says.

Despite her initial hesitation, Keely is surprised how the BBU workouts and community have helped her not only physically, but mentally as well. “Although I have only a few pounds, my shape has changed drastically,” says Keely. The scale may have not moved significantly, but she’s excited to see visible abs and the way her clothes fit comfortably. “I feel confident, able to look in the mirror, and look forward to seeing future progress!”

While many people fear the holidays and the dreaded weight gain that seems inevitable, Keely knew the consistency and dedication to her health would keep her on track throughout cookie-season. “This has been a lifestyle change and not a diet!’ she says. “It is my new way of life! I am happy, healthy, and still enjoying treats in moderation!” She was still rockin’ a flat stomach after three holiday parties! How many people can say that?!

BBU gave Keely the flexibility she needed to stay consistent, and the knowledge to be successful. “Besides fitting in my clothes better and not feeling bad after I treat myself, I also sleep better and feel like I have more mental clarity and focus!

keely-k-post-holiday-parties1Keely has settled into her new position and is still able to balance her professional life and mom life, while making sure she is still taking care of herself! “Making a little time for myself every day allows me to give my best the rest of the time to my family and work!

Keely recommends the BBU program because of its ease, approach to fitness, and the progress she has made. “I think the workouts are fantastic and manageable for busy women.”

We are so proud of Keely for making both motherhood and her health a well-balanced lifestyle! If you are ready to take action, like Keely did, and get back on track with all the strategy and support you need, our community and coaches are ready to guide you too! You can check to see if enrollment is open at

Meet Nicole

Meet Nicole

With a full time job as a surgical assistant and a full time mom to a busy three-year-old, is it even possible workout five days a week?!?

The short answer – YES!!

Thanks to Bikini Body University, Nicole is not only getting effective, fun workouts that she can do at home, but also getting RESULTS! While losing weight wasn’t her goal, Nicole has dropped 6 inches and is carving out an impressive back and core.

Before joining BBU, Nicole was already starting off her mornings with a workout, but she wasn’t seeing the progress she wanted.

“It was the diet that always would side track my progress,” she says. “It still does sometimes, but I like the best, better, good rule: You can’t always be your best 100% of the time, but you can always strive for better.”

Nicole needed something to help her stay focused on her goals. BBU was her solution.


The motivation and support from other members was just what she needed to keep her nutrition on track. However, Nicole had one apprehension before she joined BBU. She hadn’t exhausted every other diet out there; she didn’t think the program couldn’t work for her; she didn’t lack the drive to put in the work. Her only concern: cost. There are tons of $10 gyms out there – was this program really worth it? The results speak for themselves! Six inches, gone! (I mean, check out her transformation pictures!) Toned arms, back, and core, nutrition guidance, support from a REAL LIVE COACH, and everything can be done at home in about 30 minutes?! The short answer – YES!

Since then, she has made BBU fit her schedule; whether it’s three or five days a week, fitting her workouts in when it’s convenient for her.

“The workouts are short and effective. ”

screenshotNicole also appreciates that the workouts can be done in the convenience of her own home. When it comes to volume of workouts, Nicole explains,

“It’s a minimum of three, but up to 5 days a week. [The coaches] teach you to do even just 10 minutes here and there throughout the day, just so long as you can comment done for the day, to ensure you stay on track.”

Nicole recommends BBU not only for the convenience and quality of the workouts, but the motivation from her coaches and teammates, too.

“The support here is above and beyond anything I have ever seen. Everyone in this group has a positive and encouraging way about them,”

says Nicole. In terms of the cost, BBU rewards members for bringing friends to join the team!

“If you bring friends into the BBU family, you can receive a referral credit too,”

Wouldn’t you like to get rewarded for helping others achieve their personal best?? It’s a win-win! Who would’ve thought you can hire a COACH for less than a cup of coffee a day?

Congratulations Nicole on creating the Body & Life of your Dreams in LESS time! We are proud to Guide and Coach you through BBU!

These photos were taken just 4 months apart! (Keep reading to see what she has to say about this dress!)

Meet Hannah

Consistency is key.

Hannah after running the Akron Half Marathon!

Hannah after running the Akron Half Marathon!

This is BBU member Hannah’s motto when it comes to exercise and nutrition. And it’s working! Hannah has not only experienced a surge in energy and endurance, but she has lost an amazing 24 pounds – all from working out at home!

Before joining Bikini Body University, Hannah describes her workout and eating habits as inconsistent. “I would do great for one week eating clean, healthy food but then the next week I would let my eating slide,” she says. “I would do strength training mainly on the weekend once or twice, but only fit it in one jog during the week. There was no consistency in my meal plan or exercise routine, so I was not seeing the results I wanted.”

Dealing with inconsistency, Hannah didn’t know if BBU was the right program for her. “I didn’t think I could stick to a meal plan and workout schedule. I feel like I had done it all in the past and nothing worked for me, I would get discouraged and quit when I did not see the results I wanted,” says says. Figuring out how to fit her social life into a new healthy lifestyle was also a concern. “Going out to eat or out for drinks is something I regularly did after work to catch up with friends.” However, now Hannah and her friends met up for a different kind of happy hour. “Friends and I go for a run or workout instead of going out to eat which is a win-win!”

Consistency is KEY.

Even though Hannah admits she wasn’t able to do some of the exercises when she started BBU, she kept with it. “I modified them until I built the strength to perform them as shown,” she says. And her dedication has paid off! “The weight just keeps shedding and I am not even doing anything drastic. I have lost 24 pounds, 16.5 inches am seeing huge changes in my body. My back is more sculpted, my triceps are stronger, and my quads are slowly becoming defined. When I go on runs now I have more endurance than I ever have before.”

These photos were taken just 4 months apart! (Keep reading to see what she has to say about this dress!)

These photos were taken just 4 months apart! (Keep reading to see what she has to say about this dress!)

Others are noticing Hannah’s progress, too! “I think one of the best results have been my co-workers responses to my body changing. I constantly have people stopping me asking me how much weight I have lost and what my secret is.”

Thanks to BBU, Hannah has more confidence, energy, and pride in herself. “Before BBU I would come home from work, get a snack, and catch up on shows. Now, when I come home from work I change, workout, and then relax. I have more motivation and drive to get a work out in, not only because of the changes I am seeing but also because I feel better.”

Consistency is key. Establishing a routine and support system is what helped Hannah stay focused and see results. “I cannot recommend BBU enough,” she says. “I have already told multiple people about how easy the plan is to follow. My advice is to not get discouraged.” Hannah has learned that BBU is not a quick fix – it’s a lifestyle change. And because of that, she is able to stay on track with her diet and nutrition even if she decides to have a “cheat.” “We’re all guilty of it! My best advice is to own it, move on and try harder the next day. Don’t beat yourself up! Thanks Coach Summer for teaching us how to treat!”

In addition to keeping with a plan, Hannah found the support from the Facebook group also keeps her wanting to stay on track. “The support system from all the beautiful BBU ladies is wonderful. It helps to see other women going through the same program and being there for support.” The support has also helped Hannah set new goals for herself – including running a half marathon! “The hills killed me but I did it without stopping! Definitely have BBU to thank for giving me the confidence to do my first half & helping me with my endurance!” she says.

Hannah has been so successful with BBU was because she was consistent. Erratic eating, sporadic workouts, and no defined plan kept her from seeing the results she wanted. Staying consistent means continuing making healthy choices even when you don’t see the day-to-day changes you “hope” to see. “Sometimes, it’s hard to see the big picture until you literally see it in pictures!” says Hannah. “The left photo is from a wedding in June and the right is from a wedding I was in last weekend. I had to have my dress taken in 2″ on each side because of BBU! I LOVE this program & all the encouragement.”

Thanks to BBU (Bikini Body University), Hannah has achieved the body she’s always wanted, and motivated to get better every day!

Congratulations Hannah! We are proud of you and proud to have you as a member of the BBU family!

If you are lacking direction, motivation, accountability, and support to stick with a program that fits your lifestyle, message me. I’d love to help!

Committed to your health & happiness,
Coach Summer Montabone, CSCS