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Consistency is key.

Hannah after running the Akron Half Marathon!

Hannah after running the Akron Half Marathon!

This is BBU member Hannah’s motto when it comes to exercise and nutrition. And it’s working! Hannah has not only experienced a surge in energy and endurance, but she has lost an amazing 24 pounds – all from working out at home!

Before joining Bikini Body University, Hannah describes her workout and eating habits as inconsistent. “I would do great for one week eating clean, healthy food but then the next week I would let my eating slide,” she says. “I would do strength training mainly on the weekend once or twice, but only fit it in one jog during the week. There was no consistency in my meal plan or exercise routine, so I was not seeing the results I wanted.”

Dealing with inconsistency, Hannah didn’t know if BBU was the right program for her. “I didn’t think I could stick to a meal plan and workout schedule. I feel like I had done it all in the past and nothing worked for me, I would get discouraged and quit when I did not see the results I wanted,” says says. Figuring out how to fit her social life into a new healthy lifestyle was also a concern. “Going out to eat or out for drinks is something I regularly did after work to catch up with friends.” However, now Hannah and her friends met up for a different kind of happy hour. “Friends and I go for a run or workout instead of going out to eat which is a win-win!”

Consistency is KEY.

Even though Hannah admits she wasn’t able to do some of the exercises when she started BBU, she kept with it. “I modified them until I built the strength to perform them as shown,” she says. And her dedication has paid off! “The weight just keeps shedding and I am not even doing anything drastic. I have lost 24 pounds, 16.5 inches am seeing huge changes in my body. My back is more sculpted, my triceps are stronger, and my quads are slowly becoming defined. When I go on runs now I have more endurance than I ever have before.”

These photos were taken just 4 months apart! (Keep reading to see what she has to say about this dress!)

These photos were taken just 4 months apart! (Keep reading to see what she has to say about this dress!)

Others are noticing Hannah’s progress, too! “I think one of the best results have been my co-workers responses to my body changing. I constantly have people stopping me asking me how much weight I have lost and what my secret is.”

Thanks to BBU, Hannah has more confidence, energy, and pride in herself. “Before BBU I would come home from work, get a snack, and catch up on shows. Now, when I come home from work I change, workout, and then relax. I have more motivation and drive to get a work out in, not only because of the changes I am seeing but also because I feel better.”

Consistency is key. Establishing a routine and support system is what helped Hannah stay focused and see results. “I cannot recommend BBU enough,” she says. “I have already told multiple people about how easy the plan is to follow. My advice is to not get discouraged.” Hannah has learned that BBU is not a quick fix – it’s a lifestyle change. And because of that, she is able to stay on track with her diet and nutrition even if she decides to have a “cheat.” “We’re all guilty of it! My best advice is to own it, move on and try harder the next day. Don’t beat yourself up! Thanks Coach Summer for teaching us how to treat!”

In addition to keeping with a plan, Hannah found the support from the Facebook group also keeps her wanting to stay on track. “The support system from all the beautiful BBU ladies is wonderful. It helps to see other women going through the same program and being there for support.” The support has also helped Hannah set new goals for herself – including running a half marathon! “The hills killed me but I did it without stopping! Definitely have BBU to thank for giving me the confidence to do my first half & helping me with my endurance!” she says.

Hannah has been so successful with BBU was because she was consistent. Erratic eating, sporadic workouts, and no defined plan kept her from seeing the results she wanted. Staying consistent means continuing making healthy choices even when you don’t see the day-to-day changes you “hope” to see. “Sometimes, it’s hard to see the big picture until you literally see it in pictures!” says Hannah. “The left photo is from a wedding in June and the right is from a wedding I was in last weekend. I had to have my dress taken in 2″ on each side because of BBU! I LOVE this program & all the encouragement.”

Thanks to BBU (Bikini Body University), Hannah has achieved the body she’s always wanted, and motivated to get better every day!

Congratulations Hannah! We are proud of you and proud to have you as a member of the BBU family!

If you are lacking direction, motivation, accountability, and support to stick with a program that fits your lifestyle, message me. I’d love to help!

Committed to your health & happiness,
Coach Summer Montabone, CSCS

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