Meet Megan

“Do as I say and not as I do.”

Ever heard that before?  From a parent, teacher, mentor, ever said it yourself?  It’s easy to tell others how to become better, healthier versions of themselves: Get enough sleep, don’t stress, exercise regularly, choose healthy foods.  We can talk the talk, but do we ourselves walk the walk?

Megan, mother to 4 children (15, 13, 9, 5 ) and a fitness instructor, had no problem getting in her workouts, staying physically fit, and encouraging her students to do the same.  What she struggled with was the eating portion and stress.  “I teach yoga, barre, and group fitness classes,” she says.  “But I had started eating poorly when my dad was diagnosed with cancer and that downward spiral continued for a year after he passed. I felt sluggish, depressed, and unattractive.  I was still teaching 7+ classes a week, but couldn’t seem to get out of my funk.”

Megan knew she needed something, but like many professionals, the idea of a trainer needing a trainer wase4af77de-2e60-4b83-811a-854a4228f2ad a tough pill to swallow.  “I hadn’t seriously considered joining a program because I was embarrassed that I ‘needed’ one,” says Megan. “I thought I should be able to figure this out on my own because of what I do.  Without any accountability and no deadline in mind I would just give up after a few days of logging food and eating ‘right’.”

Her competitive spirit triumphed her ego and at a spur of a moment decided to join the Online Super Hero Challenge.  Still self-conscious about anyone knowing she now had her own “coach,” Megan started the Bikini Body University program but didn’t tell anyone about it.  Could an online program make a difference for a veteran trainer??

“In two weeks I lost 9 pounds!” exclaims Megan.  No longer ashamed and seeing amazing results in such a short amount of time, Megan decided to let her students know about her new training program.  And the results kept on coming!

“In 6 weeks I lost 14 pounds, 15 inches and 2 dress sizes. I fit in clothes I haven’t been able to wear in almost 2 years.”

Shaking up her training, incorporating new workouts, and gaining a new sense of energy and confidence has helped Megan get out of the “funk” she was feeling.

“I have more energy, I kicked my sugar addiction, and feel stronger than ever.  I feel pretty again,” she says.

Megan attributes so much of her success to BBU’s approach to creating healthier women:

“Unlike other programs, this is a holistic approach.  The nutrition, exercise, accountability, and support are awesome.  We aren’t just told what not to eat and increase exercise; we are shown what to eat and how to make it, and what exercises to do and how to do them.  We are a group of women supporting each other and rooting each other on.  It is not just a means to an end, but a mind shift and a new way of doing life.  There is a real community feel and you want to do better and better to encourage the other women to do as well or better than you.”

Wow!!  What an amazing testament about how BBU can change not only the physical, but the mental and emotional, too!

Megan is a great example that even amazing coaches need coaches, too!  The support and guidance Megan gets through the BBU program is confidence, energy, and support she can pay forward to her own students! Megan is a BBU rockstar and loves to encourage and motivate the other members too.aed58f99-1e5a-4dca-8925-22d97c0d2d50

Congratulations Megan on improving your health & happiness! What a BONUS that she claimed 1st place in the BBU 6 Week Superhero Challenge too!

Not only did she WIN by improving the way she Looks and Feels, but she won over $600 in prizes: $250 Gap Options Gift Card, $150 Spa Gift Card, Michael Kors wristlet, Swarvoski crystal bracelet, and Bikini Body University tank!

You can say winner winner chicken dinner, but Megan said she’ll go for her new favorite dish from our recipe manual, Grilled Shrimp Saute’:)  Her family loves the tasty recipes and the renewed energy in her wife and motherly roles too. We are very proud of you Megan. Way to go!!!


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