Post Holiday Abs?

Meet Keely


Question: How does a busy, working mom juggle “me time,” a baby, and a high ranking position at work with a husband who currently lives 2400 miles away?

Answer: Bikini Body University workouts at home, on her own time, with the benefit of using her son as a workout partner and stand-in weight ☺

Before becoming a supermom, Keely was running marathons, in the gym lifting three to four times a week, kicking butt at work and getting promoted. After she became pregnant however, a complication resulted in bed rest and a five-pound lifting restriction for the duration of her pregnancy. “Shamefully, I gained a significant amount of weight, undoing all the hard work and muscle building,” she says. Luckily, after giving birth, she jumped right back into work and a busy life style. Like many new moms, Keely wasn’t used to her post-baby body and desired to get back to her pre-pregnancy body. “I struggled to look in the mirror and found myself very unhappy with my appearance,” says Keely. “I didn’t feel comfortable in my dress clothes and knew I needed a change.

With a new promotion, a new baby, and a husband thousands of miles away, Keely knew daily trips to the gym weren’t in the cards. She needed something quick, efficient, and most importantly: at home. She knew she could get great results by going to a gym, but she was skeptical if she could get those same results working out at home. “I knew how hard I had to work at the gym pre-baby and wasn’t sure if an at home program would cut it,” she says.

Despite her initial hesitation, Keely is surprised how the BBU workouts and community have helped her not only physically, but mentally as well. “Although I have only a few pounds, my shape has changed drastically,” says Keely. The scale may have not moved significantly, but she’s excited to see visible abs and the way her clothes fit comfortably. “I feel confident, able to look in the mirror, and look forward to seeing future progress!”

While many people fear the holidays and the dreaded weight gain that seems inevitable, Keely knew the consistency and dedication to her health would keep her on track throughout cookie-season. “This has been a lifestyle change and not a diet!’ she says. “It is my new way of life! I am happy, healthy, and still enjoying treats in moderation!” She was still rockin’ a flat stomach after three holiday parties! How many people can say that?!

BBU gave Keely the flexibility she needed to stay consistent, and the knowledge to be successful. “Besides fitting in my clothes better and not feeling bad after I treat myself, I also sleep better and feel like I have more mental clarity and focus!

keely-k-post-holiday-parties1Keely has settled into her new position and is still able to balance her professional life and mom life, while making sure she is still taking care of herself! “Making a little time for myself every day allows me to give my best the rest of the time to my family and work!

Keely recommends the BBU program because of its ease, approach to fitness, and the progress she has made. “I think the workouts are fantastic and manageable for busy women.”

We are so proud of Keely for making both motherhood and her health a well-balanced lifestyle! If you are ready to take action, like Keely did, and get back on track with all the strategy and support you need, our community and coaches are ready to guide you too! You can check to see if enrollment is open at

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