Do Weekends RUIN Your Nutrition Goals?

Last week I was reflecting on how “the weekend” (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday- not the singer lol) can RUIN the Fitness & Nutrition progress that you make during the week.

Do you feel like you do well Monday through Friday and then just blow it over the weekend?

Well you are not alone.

In this video I share a few tips to help you keep your weekends in check! Here’s how you can keep losing weight instead of feeling like you are on a hamster wheel of progress.

I hope this helps you come up with an action plan to stay on track this weekend.

These strategies are just a small part of creating the body of your dreams, that also looks smoking hot in your sexy black dress or favorite pair of jeans.

I’ve love to hear from you! Let me know if you found this video helpful:)

But, I do have a few additional discovery questions for you too:

Do you view what you eat as your “diet” or your “nutrition”?

What words come to mind when talking about “diet” or “nutrition”?

Do you have a positive relationship with food?

How we approach or associate with the food we eat, can greatly impact our health. Once you have a better understanding of your relationship with food, you can begin to improve it, to aid in weight loss or health goals.
For example:
Do you eat with purpose or for pleasure?

Do you you over eat or under eat when stressed?

Food is our fuel. It’s our gas in our tank.
Calories = Energy.

If you are struggling with your relationship with food, start with these discovery questions.

Do you need Support and Strategy to improve your relationship with food? I’d love to help you get in control!

When you are ready to put together the Accountability, Support, & Strategy you need to meet your goals, just let me know by taking the first step. Contact me or check for enrollment here.

Committed to your health & happiness,
~ Summer Montabone, CSCS

PS- I love that today’s technologies have allowed me to help people (mainly women) from ANYWHERE across the globe! That’s right! Even if you cannot make it to North Canton, Ohio to train with me and my expert team in my Transformation Fitness Center, I can still help you from the comfort of your home or location! It is soooo cool! I LOVE teaching!!!

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